TurfKeeper Pro� is packed with features including a deep high-grade steel deck, premium caster wheels, and heavy-duty construction to meet the demands of even the toughest commercial applications.

Re-designed under deck baffling, a floating lower hitch, high-lift blades, and parallel side frames create an extremely even cut and even distribution of cut material�even when mowing at higher speeds. For ease of attachment, TurfKeeper Pro comes with a convenient driveline holder and is quick-hitch ready from the factory, without the need for additional hardware.

Combine all these great features with our 6-year gearbox warranty and 3-year spindle warranty, and you’ll have complete confidence that the TurfKeeper Pro is one of the most rugged, best performing, and easiest to use finish mowers available.

TKP84.40 | TKP72.40 | TKP64.40


6 year Gearbox Warranty

Con?dence in the durability of your Woods mower

3 year Spindle Warranty

Ductile iron blade spindles with�triple ball bearings and three-year�warranty

Driveline Holder

Keep the drive out of the dirt, even when attaching

Easy Shield Removal

No tools needed to access belt sheaves, belt, spring-loaded idler

Cast Iron Sheaves

Better belt grip for extended belt life

Spring-loaded Belt Tensioner

Replaceable ball bearing pivot�for smooth operation

Optional Chain Shielding

Helps prevent discharge of foreign objects

Optional Front Roller

Anti-scalp protection for uneven terrain

Quick Hitch Ready

CAT1 quick hitch ready at purchase

*Protective safety shields removed for display purposes only. Shields must be installed while mower is operating.